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Founded in 2013, MindGrind is a creative company that delivers value to both consumers and companies through its platform.

Thanks to our collective bargaining power, our one million registered users can save on important fixed costs such as home energy, triple play (TV/internet/phone), mobile phone, insurance and auto leasing.

Companies that offer competitive deals get access to a large pool of new and valuable customers without needing to invest in marketing.

Everyone wins.



Joining a MindGrind consumer platform is free with no obligation. Our platforms appeal directly to consumers who want to save money on monthly recurring fixed costs.

MindGrind negotiates agreements in each product category with leading companies that want to secure our customers’ business. Competitive deals are achieved either through an auction or through negotiation on behalf of our users.

Only registered users have access to our competitive deals who make their own choice whether to accept the offer. Saving money is fast, free, transparent and easy.

MindGrind is compensated by its service partners for each new customer it delivers.


MindGrind focuses on products that its members spend money on each month, so that over a year, the savings our members accrue can add up to $1,500 or more. Who wouldn’t want an extra $1,500 in their pocket? Categories include:

TV & Internet
Mobile Phone
Auto Leasing


With operations in The Netherlands and the USA, MindGrind serves a combined market of 125 million households. More than one million customers have already made the smart choice to join us and save. We aim to become the Amazon.com of fixed household expenses, ensuring that millions of consumers have access to real savings and the companies who serve them can work with us to build long-term customer value.

MindGrind is comprised of two operating companies:

SLOOPdeCRISIS Netherlands

SLOOPdeCRISIS.nl focuses on the power of the collective. Together in action for the lowest fixed rates! A household can save significantly on energy costs, health insurance, mobile, all-in-one (TV, Internet and Phone) car and property insurance. We make these savings possible by organizing an auction and / or collective.


Contact: peterruiter@mindgrind.nl


Smartsavers is released in February 2016


Contact: jamesjoyce@mindgrind.nl

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